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Switchgear Maintenance

Electrical power systems are often known as grids, and these can be designed and maintained using a combination of electrical components. One of these components is called switchgear. Switchgear is made up of a combination of fuses, circuit breakers, and disconnects. It reduces the risk of faults occurring, by providing a way for power equipment to be de-energised.

In a manufacturing factory, you will usually find large electrical lockers where switchgear is located. Switchgear uses fuses and circuit breakers to isolate pieces of electrical equipment - therefore allowing plant managers to repair issues without danger to them or the plant.

Switchgear Care

Like all technical equipment, it is important to be cautious when it comes to looking after switchgear. Preventative measures can be essential for reducing the risk of issues arising. When it comes to switchgear maintenance, plant managers are usually charged to oversee the equipment and make sure it remains efficient, and no problems occur.

It is thought that when a machine breaks due to a malfunction in the electrical circuit, it is likely that the initial fault could have been easily prevented by using effective switchgear maintenance.

Preventing Faults

Switchgear is vital for protecting the electrical machines in any system. When a breaker is tripped, this causes an electrical surge which indicates a fault with the electricity. With effective switchgear systems, the power that is lost can be redirected from another source on the circuit – preventing the entire system from shutting down. This means that the issue can be fixed without turning off essential machines.

A method that can be used to check switchgear units is thermal imaging. This checks for ‘hot spots’ so that a technician can see inside the circuit without having to dissemble it. If a hot spot is detected, then this can be fixed before the issue turns into a serious problem. Discovering faults in switchgear and fixing them as early as possible saves money and time, which is valuable for a business.


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