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Test & Commissioning

Electrical Engineer

The low voltage (LV) panels are commissioned in conformity with IEC-61439 standarts by carrying out routine and general tests.

The High (HV) and medium voltage (MV) substations are energized after testing & verifying of the wiring and configuring of the protection & control devices on site.

All test reports and calibration certificates of used test devices are submitted to the customer after successful completion of the site tests.

• Dielectric Strength (Up to 5000VAC) [Metrel Multi Tester]
• Insulation Resistance [Metrel Multi Tester]
• Earthing Circuit Continuity [Metrel Multi Tester]
• Painting and sheet thickness [Salutron Coating Thickness Metering Device]
• Visual inspection of the cable terminations, labelings, bar sections and panel view

Optional Tests:
• Temperature measuring device [Cem DT-8891E]
• Radiation measuring device [Cem DT-8891E]
• Primary test device [Omricon CPC100]
• Secondary test device [Omricon CM256]CM256]

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